Still not sure about what mobile grooming can truly offer? There is all sort of benefits that you can gain. Such as cutting the amount of work and stress, you and your dog must endure per visit to the groomers. Still, have questions? Maybe we’ll answer them through this article.

  • Are you skeptical about how well-equipped the grooming vans are? Do you have a tub? Where does the water come from?
  • Can the vans fulfill all your grooming requests?
  • Are they certified? Do they receive training?
  • What services do they offer?

Fully Equipped Van

The vans come to your doorstep fully equipped. It comes with a tub, water tank, heat generator, and air conditioning. The whole sha-bang! Anything that would be inside a grooming salon is in the van. They are ready to accommodate for any size, age, shape, and condition. Depending on the weather outside, the van is ready to deal with both heating and cooling.

Still Skeptical?

All groomers, including mobile groomers, undergo training to become certified. They are completely safe. But if you are afraid to try out their services, check out their certification.  In addition, check out their business out on Yelp and their website. You can always email/call to ask questions and requests quotes.

The Services Offered

Mobile groomers are just like any other groomers out there. They give the same services, but with even more focus. With limited space in the van, your pet will receive one on one attention in contrast to traditional groomers. Just like traditional grooming salons, mobile groomers equally offer all the same services.

List of standard care:

  • Bathing
  • Hair Clipping
  • Nail trimming
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Gland Cleansing
  • Coat brushing

Try Mobile Grooming

Mobile groomers are no different than traditional groomers. The only difference is that they drive to your doorstep at your convenience. And, they give your pet undivided attention for the perfect groom. Although, mobile grooming does cost more than traditional grooming because of the transportation costs. This puts less stress on you and your dog. Mostly because pets usually hate entering grooming salons. They also tend to make a fuss to enter the salon or leave the house. Mobile grooming eliminates all that stress!

All procedures last about 45 minutes. Always be specific with what kind of care you want for your pet. Give thorough details of what kind of haircut or procedures to skip.

Still skeptical about using mobile groomers? Check this article out about why you should love mobile grooming!