There is a lot of preparation to make before traveling with your pet(s). Lots of training, researching, contacting various companies, packing, and purchasing to do. Get ready to intake a handful of information.

Preparing Your Pet

Easing your pet: rehearse going on short drives and take them on a walk around the terminal so they can familiarize themselves with the idea of traveling.

  • Take your pet on a walk before your flight to calm them down.
  • Visit the terminal beforehand
  • Get your pet used to being in a crate/carrier/kennel
  • Understand your pet’s temperament

All modes of transportation: whether you are traveling by bus, cabs, airplanes, or rental vehicles, always make sure your pet is allowed and will be comfortable with the accommodations available.

Prepare a comfortable crate/carrier/kennel: this is one of the safest ways for pets to travel and transfer between transportations.

Research Pet Rules

  1. Airline policy: research to see the different rules of countries and terminals. Learn where your pet may be placed during the flight and how in-cabin/cargo arrangements can be made by each airline. Check to see which option is the safest and go-on to prepare for your trip from there.
  2. Destination pet laws: it’s important to learn the law related to pets in foreign countries that you are heading over to because some countries require specific vaccinations and/or implants. Check the rules on their embassy website or look up their laws online.
  3. Pet-friendly accommodations: look up what housing options, vehicles, and cafes/restaurants provide pet accommodations for the comfort of your trip.

Check-Ups Before Flight

Vaccinations/CDC Requirements:

  • Get your pet immunized and tested
  • Prepare certificates and test history
  • If you are considering pet sedation for the travel, consult your veterinarian

Packing for the Trip

  1. Pet travel kit: pack all your essentials like their food/water bowl, a small bag of dry foods, toys, treats, first aid medication, blankets, travel documents
  •  Invest calming products: products like lavender oil is known to soothe pets, try them out beforehand to see if they work on your pet!

2. Plan for emergencies: consult your veterinarian prior to your travels and carry their contact information with you during your trip.

  • Contact a facility at your travel destination to make sure your pet can get care during an emergency