Home grooming is a dutiful task that helps you save money. Or at least, a nifty way to keep your pets well-groomed until their next visit to the groomers. Regardless of the reasons for home grooming, it is important to understand what steps should NOT be taken. Here’s a list of precautions you should consider before taking on home grooming.

#1 Don’t Use Human Products

Human products aren’t meant for animals to use. It will definitely irritate your pet’s skin. It may cause rashes or other unnecessary skin conditions if frequent. Dogs and cats have very sensitive skin compared to humans. Aim to utilize pet-friendly products. These items can easily be found in your local grocery stores, pet stores, and on Amazon. Avoid irritations that can cause unnecessary stress for your pets. Check your products!

#2 Don’t Leave Shampoo/Conditioner Residue

Any leftover product can irritate the skin or cause hairs to clump. The residue from the cleaning process can leave your pet looking messier than ever. Always wash out all the products to avoid extra work for yourself. Don’t forget to make sure the water is not too hot or cold during this process.

#3 Don’t Leave Water in Ear Canals

Leftover water residue can cause irritation and/or infections in the ear. Make sure to lift your pet’s ears and air dry their ear canals. Do not use a blowdryer. I cannot emphasize the importance of air-drying enough. It may seem like extra work at the moment. But I can assure you that this simple process will save you from a boatload of troubles later on.

#4 Don’t Pull Roughly When Brushing

The goal is to brush your pet’s hair thoroughly, NOT roughly. There’s no need to overstress or inflict any type of pain on your pet. Their hairs can easily get tangled and create some deep knots. Do not tug on the knots, brush over it attentively and lightly. There are products available to ease the process. Sprays, conditioners, and others will help the detangling process. Make sure to brush carefully until your pet looks wholesome again.

#5 Don’t Skip Teeth Brushing

In all honesty, you should be brushing your pet’s teeth regularly. It isn’t necessary, but it would help maintain their health by a lot. This process helps your pet maintain their dental and gum health. Avoid diseases that may cause a lack of appetite, bleeding gums, and loss of teeth.

#6 Don’t Ruin Nails

Know where their nails end! Don’t overcut. A proper upkeep of cats and dogs is necessary. Nail care is important because their nails can break and cause infections. Most pets resist this process due to discomfort. Many professionals would recommend that you use a reward system for their compliance. Make sure to shower them with love before and after the nail care.

Successful Home Grooming

The goal is to successfully groom your pets at home. To finish the task safely and well. Always be cautious and loving throughout the grooming process. As loving parents of pets, you always do your best to give the best care. Trust me, they appreciate you more than they rely on you. Best of luck!