No professional groomer is going to give you an “exact” price for grooming over the phone until they have seen your pet (or at the very least, a picture of your pet) as well as discussing the factors that make your pet unique. There are just too many variables that come into play.

The Factors That Make Your Pet Unique

  • The age of your pet and whether or not he has ever been groomed by a “professional” groomer before (how well your pet will “cooperate”)
  • How long ago it has been since your pet was last groomed
  • The size and weight of your pet
  • The “breed” of your pet
  • The length of hair (short, long, double-coated, etc.)
  • If your pet has health problems or special needs (for example, can’t stand up)
  • The condition of your pet’s hair, skin and coat (is the fur “matted” or “tangled”, will it need “de-shedding” or need to be “shaved”), does it have ticks or fleas, etc.
  • Whether or not the pet is “aggressive” by nature (needs to be muzzled or tranquilized)

As an example, you can have two pets that are the exact same age, size, breed, etc.  One may take only 1 hour to groom while the second one takes 2 hours to groom because of the various factors such as the size and weight of your pet, the length of hair, and the condition of your pet’s hair/ coat. Sometimes due to tangled, a smaller dog can take more than an hour!

When you contact us, based on the information gathered at the initial consultation, we will give you a “range” of the grooming price for your pet. The final price is determined on the day of the groom when the groomer is there, at your location, and is able to determine the condition of your pet and how long the groom is expected to take. Our customers find that most prices fall within the range that we initially quote over the phone (if you’ve given us correct and “truthful” information).  However, if the groomer arrives to find that you have a pet that is extremely matted, tangled, or uncooperative, then the final price is determined by the length of time the groomer spends to remove or fix the problem. This additional fee is an “hourly” fee. 

You should know that all professional mobile pet grooming services base their business models on certain projected revenue each day.  As such, we have to charge accordingly as to how long the groomer spends with your pet. If it’s going to take twice as long to do an animal that needs extensive work, then the grooming fees are going to be more.  The best ways to control what you pay is for you to keep your pets brushed regularly! We offer a variety of grooming packages depending on the needs of your pet.  Please contact us today for a quick consultation! We offer a $5.00 new customer discount.