Cats are the most well-groomed pets out there. Their self-grooming is practically impeccable. If your cat ever returns shabby from being outside for too long, in minutes they will have already cleaned themselves. They are especially well-known to file their nails and upkeep their physical beauty. They may seem as if they are well groomed. But the truth is, they SHOULD be professionally groomed. What they do for themselves isn’t enough to be cleaned. Due to their self-sufficiency, they do not need to be groomed often, but well.

Unlike Dogs

Cats are much cleaner than dogs are. Thus they do not have to be professionally groomed as often. Dogs need to be groomed about once a month. On the other hand, cats only have to be groomed anywhere from 2 to 4 times per year. The difference is heavily significant! During professional grooming sessions, they should be brushed and bathed. This should get rid of all dirt and loose hairs.

Consider Professional Grooming

#1 Prevent fleas/ticks

Getting your cat professionally bathed/groomed allow your cat to be fully cleaned. The groomers check for fleas/ticks and do a great job of preventing them. Most of all, cats cannot get rid of fleas/ticks on their own. So, it is best to have professionals deal with the problem if your cat does have them.

#2 Prevent Ear Infections

Ear wax. Dirt. Debris. Fluid. All factors that can build up and create infections around the ear. Prevent infections and other illnesses that may attack your precious cat!

#3 Eliminate Discomfort

Furs matt together. Matted fur pulls the skin. Heavy discomfort erects. Dirt and debris build up. Long untrimmed nails. Not only is your cat, heavily tired Your cat becomes more susceptible to illnesses and infections. Avoid all this as a whole.

Grooming Goals

Professional groomers get all the nitty-gritty areas that your cat can’t reach.

#1 Cleans and Trim Sharp Nails

This protects your cat’s precious feet. Allows them to walk more comfortably.

#2 Bathes and Blow Dry

Your cat cleaned, brushed, and dried perfectly. You can ask for various types of looks for your cat as well.

Ultimate Truth

kings-mobile-pet-grooming-logoProfessional groomers know the best way to groom each animal like your cat. Keep your cat safe and well-groomed! It will keep them from living in discomfort, infestation, and/or infections. Try out mobile grooming with King’s Mobile Pet Grooming. Request a Quote Today!