You can always take your dog on a walk. Play fetch outside. But what happens on the days you don’t have time to take them out? It could be too cold or hot outside for any outdoor activities. Your dog is pumped with energy. Bedtime is approaching. What can you do? Indoor exercises. They are your best bet. Under any circumstance, you can care for your dogs. Help your dog exert all his energy before bedtime!

Indoor Exercise Option

Dogs have lots of energy stored in them. Without the proper release of energy through exercise and playtime, they can easily get depressed. Help them achieve their best health indoors!

5 Indoor Exercises

#1 Run Indoors

You can run up and down the stairs with your dog. If no stairs, run back and forth in an open hall.

#2 Hide and Seek

Hide a few treats around the house. Have your dog run around looking for the treats. Each time they find a treat, shower them with love and affection. This will motivate them to keep looking and get a workout in.

#3 Tug of War

Get a rope toy for your dog. Toss from time to tie playing fetch. Then add a little extra pizazz. Play tug of war! Beware of getting bitten. Tugging may make your dog more aggressive than the average.

#4 Social Outing

Kill two birds with one stone! On your next trip to the pet store, take your dog. Give him time to roam the aisles. Let them walk around and sniff toys. This will help you find the perfect toy and give them some exercise.

#5 Treadmill

Put your treadmill at a safe speed. Have him walk it off within your sight. Start by using a leash. This should help them determine how far they can walk up. The caution is to ensure they don’t fly off the machine and hurt themselves. You’re basically teaching them how to human. Maybe one day you’ll even teach your dog how to turn the machine on and off! Highly dangerous, so that last part isn’t recommended.


Get Inventive!

Try implementing your knowledge of your dog for better-accustomed exercise. No one knows your dog better than you do. You hold the power to give them the best exercise possible. Use toys, maybe even create an obstacle course. Or even a game to fetch all their toys spread around the house. The possibilities are infinite. Get inventive with what you already have!