People can often identify your dog’s health through the shine of its coat, and there are multiple factors that can determine the quality that shine, such as changes in diet, health, cleanliness, bath routines, and grooming routines. Learn to identify what regimens will benefit your dog! There are always little tweaks that can be done in your care routine to maintain your dog’s well-being. Coats, however, are easily affected by parasites, poor grooming, and poor health. Hence extra attention is always recommended to secure your pet’s good health and happy living.

Diet & Health

One of the most important factors for keeping your dog’s health and quality of hair is checking their food. It is best to identify what ingredients affect your dog. Many brands of dog food have ingredients that may prevent your dog from reaching their full potential. Be aware of the commercial low-quality foods that can negatively affect them. Most foods lack the essential nutrients your dog necessitates. Especially ensure your dog isn’t lacking omega oils as that is what truly helps their coats shine.

What to look for:

  • Look over the ingredients of your dog foods: eliminate genetically modified grains.
  • Check labels and make sure they are rich with Omega-6 oils.
  • Make sure your dog’s food is fresh: Omega-6 rich products often oxidize quickly.

Food Regimens

There are various oils and additions you can add to your dog’s food for prime results. Additions rich in omega fatty acids are the best for their coat. There are also supplements made specifically for dogs. Try them out to see the difference! Understand that after changing their intake, it will take about 26-30 days to begin showing results. There are herbal supplements available as well. Before giving your dog these supplements, remember to ask your doctor for the right dosage.

Recommended Supplements/Oils:

  • A spoonful of coconut oil: improves skin, prevents infections, helps with digestion
  • Flaxseed oil supplements: improves coat/skin
  • Fish oil supplements: improves coat/skin, digestion
  • Spirulina supplements: contains vitamin B, good for healthy skin

Grooming Routine

Using the right shampoo and conditioners and regularly brushing dead hair is important. Proper grooming techniques cannot be emphasized enough. For some these techniques alone lead to the perfect coat. Dry skin could also be a factor in a coat’s poor shine. Keep aware! Many shampoos with aloe vera or oatmeal extracts are best for shine. For simpler tricks, try giving them an all natural oatmeal bath. Make sure it’s unflavored and doesn’t contain excess ingredients like sugar.

Products To Use: shampoos, conditioners, sprays, oatmeal, aloe vera treatments

A few links…

Shampoo that replenishes and repairs hair

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Mobile Pet Grooming Benefits

Tell your mobile groomers about what you’d like to improve with your dog. Tell them details of what supplements or changes you’ve made. If you have products you’d want them to use in place of theirs, do so! Mobile groomers are always there for you and ready to help. If anything, they’ll give you more tips on how to achieve your goals successfully. Mobile pet grooming is one of the most efficient and helpful ways to help maximize your dog’s health. Groomers are professionals who can achieve help your dog achieve their best goals.

Make use of them! Best of luck.