Looking for a companion? Going straight to the shelter isn’t always the best solution. It will make the process all the more difficult. You may feel that every pet available should be taken home. Then again you’re not sure if they are the perfect fit for your home or lifestyle. In short, finding the purrrfect pet can be difficult. Here are a few lists of factors to consider to make your trip to the animal shelter easier!

Qualities a Good Shelter Should Have

  • Preventative Measure Program: Low adoption fees, PSA campaigns educating the mass about overpopulation
  • Health Protection Program: Painless anesthesia provided, neuter/spay program or referral, other health services ie. (ticks/fleas, rashes, flu), professional Veterinarian
  • Clean/Safe Atmosphere: to ensure hygienic and compassionate care

What to Consider Before Looking

#1 Consider the People You Live With

You need to consider your family, roommates, housemates, whoever you are living with if you don’t live alone. Their approval is important. Their approval will dictate the amount of affection or neglection received. That will determine how your beloved pet will adapt spend the rest of their life.

#2 Put in Research

What kind of pet do you want? A dog? A cat? What are the requirements entailed with the pet of your dreams? What are the costs of adoption? What is your budget? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you decide to go get a pet. This will help narrow your selection process especially depending on how much space, budget, and time you have for your pet. You definitely want a pet with similar traits and can make time for. Learn about their personalities, activity level, age, life expectancy, and temperament.

#3 Prepare Your House

Prepare for whatever pet you decide to bring home. Puppy-proof it. Kitty proof it. Depending on the pet you want, do the research. Explore what they are likely to break, rip, get sick from, or ruin. Keep your pet and home safe!

Finding Your PURfect Match

After all your research you should know the exact types of pet you are ready for. You’ve got your mental checklist of what you need. Now you are ready to visit the animal shelter!

Your mental checklist should require the following:

  • Personality
  • Cost
  • Activity Level/Matching Lifestyle
  • Age/Life Expectancy
  • Temperament

Step 1: Befriend Shelter Staff

No one knows the animals in the shelter better than those who look after or rescued them. Get their insight on their behavior and lifestyle. They will know the stories of how they were rescued and from what kind of situation. This way you can get your future pet’s history. Some may be loving, but timid due to abuse. You never know how you will come to understand each pet available. So get all the details you can!

Step 2: Foster a Pet/Multiple Meet & Greets

You’re going to have to get to know your future pet before adopting. All the details of their history are important. But nothing is more important than getting a first-hand experience with them. Most shelter programs offer Foster Care. Enabling the opportunity for you to take the animal home for a set time period. Typically about 2 weeks or more depending on your request. You can then see how he will respond to the atmosphere. And bond with you. Otherwise, you always have the option to meet with them as often as you can at the shelter. Either way, remember to see which pet you bond the most with. Get to know them as much as you can before you choose to adopt!

Step 3: Know Your Options

The age-range within shelter vary. You might like an older dog because you like long lazy days. Just because they are older doesn’t mean they aren’t active. Carefully consider your options. Do not decide against younger dogs just because they aren’t potty-trained or as affectionate immediately. These are simple fixes you can do. Training your dogs to create stronger bonds with owners. In short, consider the new bonds you can create to strengthen your relationship with dogs.

If you want to foster your pet for longer, just let the animal shelter know! If you’ve fostered and found that he isn’t your match. Go meet others and try again. The options are limitless. Of course, a lot of effort is required. But, putting in all the time and effort will be worth it. Find the perfect match is never easy. Just like dating or finding the best friendships. They all took time to build and find. So will your perfect companion. Just think of the perfect bond you will have and how worth find that perfection will be. Stay strong and committed to your search. You will find your purfect match!

Step 4: Believe Your Instincts

Falling in love and getting attached to any pet is inevitable. But if he isn’t for you, you must let go. The process may be difficult as emotions cloud our mind. Be realistic. Be brave. Learning to let go will be better for the both of you. Trust your instincts. If something feels a little off and you can’t put your finger on it at the moment, time will tell. You don’t want to be the owner who returns the pet to the shelter after rescuing him. Do what is best for the poor animal and for you. Find a companion who can be with you until the end!

Step 5: Adoption and the Process..

You’ve considered all your possibilities. You’ve learned all the requirements of having a pet. You’ve made multiple bonds. But now.. you’ve found your purfect match! It’s time to start the adoption process.

Prepare your paperwork, photo ID, and adoption fee ($25-200). Depending on your pet’s state of health or age, your dog’s release may take a few days. Most likely you will be able to take him home the day of if you have everything required prepared. Once everything is processed, the pet is officially yours to take home!

Shelter Options in Burbank

Yelps’ Top 2 recommended Pet Shelters:

Burbank Animal Shelter

Directions: 1150 N Victory Pl Burbank, CA 91502

Contact: (818) 238-3340

Site: burbankanimalshelter.org

Operation Adopt

Directions: 3318 W Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA 91505

Contact: (818) 934-4268

Site: tapsusa.org