Cleaning dogs is always a handful and worrisome. Are you buying the right products? Is your dog getting a proper clean? There are always tricks to make grooming at homes simpler. Get innovative! Check out these tips and tricks to ease your home grooming.

#1 Brush before bathing

I cannot emphasize this enough. Without getting rid of all the shedding and matted hairs, you cannot achieve thorough cleaning. Use both a pin brush and comb to get all the hairs smooth.

#2 Purchase grooming wipes

For the quick fix! If you come back home from a walk and your dog’s paws are dirty, that doesn’t essentially mean he needs a bath. These wipes will get rid of all the dirt and debris that may invade your clean home. Wipes are also easily disposable after a single use. You can also use unscented natural baby wipes.

#3 Get professional nail tools

You should just use any nail tools to cut nails. Dogs have special nail tools that will make sure you do not cut more than you should. The professional tool also can handle the thickness of the nail that others cannot. The wrong tool can break the nail and cause pain. I promise you’ll be happy about this investment. Proper nail care also eliminates discomfort for dogs and excessive noise from their roaming around the house.

#4 Check for Ticks/Fleas

You won’t be more thankful for this step. It is important to check for these pests during the brushing and bathing period. Catching them early will prevent your house from getting infested. It will also save your dog from stress and weakened health.

#5 Try Bath Toys

Redirect your dog’s attention away from the bath. Bring some joy into bath times with your dog. They will distract them enough so that you can focus on deep cleaning your precious pet. Make bath time easier for both you and your dog.

Alternate Solution

If you find this task too difficult, try mobile grooming today! Mobile grooming is best for reducing the stress of pet transportation to the groomers. Safe your pet the stress and book an appointment today!