You tip waiters at restaurants, but you don’t really tip the doctors. Traditionally with groomers like your hairstylist, you do tip the groomers. The tipping scale often averages from 15-20%. The more asked question should be about how much should you tip the groomers. 15% is often considered standard. 20% is considered a solid amount. A tip isn’t ever required. But keep in mind, the payments you make are for the materials and facility used. Not the full service.

Expert Service with a Gentle Touch

Your groomer puts in a lot of effort and energy when dealing with your pet. Their duty is not only to give the services you have paid for. But also to keep your pet happy and calm throughout their grooming. Groomers will always try the best to give the detailed care you asked for. Did they reschedule your appointment as asked? Did your pet receive the best haircut? Did the groomers take care of a sticky situation for you? It’s courteous to tip them for the difficulty they faced in your place. And your tips should reflect their good work.

How to Measure the Amount to Tip

Depending on the amount of workload you requested for, your tips can vary. As we’ve already discussed, the average tips range from 15-20% of the bill. The legitimate range actually is from 15-25%. Of course, you can tip more or less than the ranges given. Don’t stress. We are just showing you how the average tips based on the given grooming at most salons.

  • 15% — standard tip: decent grooming, but nothing really stood out for extra reward
  • 20% — good tip: great grooming, happy pet, pretty attentive care given to your requested details
  • 25% — great tip: exceptional care given to your pet and all requested fulfilled

How to Offer the Tip

Typically the groomer that brings your pet out is the one who gave direct care to him. Always be polite to them. You never know what kind of erratic behavior or difficulty that may have taken place during the appointment. The groomer already deals with the mess you probably do not want to deal with. Remember, we stated earlier that not all groomers accept tips based on their policy. So be prepared for rejection as well. 

  1. Thank them for their service
  2. Check out your dog’s mood and service given
  3. Offer the tip that you see befits

Skipping Out on the Tip

Not all grooming salons accept a tip. In that sense, even if you were to hand a tip, they will not accept. Thus, it is completely acceptable. There are also times when we may have insufficient funds. You might want to work out a different agreement in place of tips. Like quarterly or yearly bonuses. Skipping out the tip is also completely acceptable. You aren’t required. It is simply an act of courtesy.

What We Recommend

Anything can happen during grooming sessions as they do range about an hour. Groomers deal with all sorts of stress. Excess shedding, dog bites, fecal matter. Depending on what kind of dog you have, you can assume the type of stress you’d be giving your groomers. You aren’t required to tip. But, I’d say it should be. Or at the least, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED when you are able to. Your groomers provide a service so that you do not have to endure the same hardships. It may not be exactly to your standards, but they do always try their best to accommodate to your detail.

What do you do? What is your thought on tipping for pet grooming? Should it be necessary? Should it be automatically added to the bill? Share your comments down below! Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear what you have to say and understand how to accommodate our services for you.


If anything Request a Quote! This way you can average how much to tip before giving us a call! We are always at your service. Ready at your convenience.