You know everything about your dog. What they like to eat for meals and snacks, when their sleep schedule is, the type of toys they like to play with. But, do you know exactly how smart they are or can be? Here are 10 facts you might have never known about your own dog. Or.. at least, a little more in detail.

The 10 facts:

  1. Dogs have a sense of time: they run up to you and show affection because they understand how long you have been away.
  2. Puppies are born without sight, teeth, or hearing: this is just the initial state as a newborn
  3. Dogs are just as smart as 2-year-old humans: they essentially understand the same amount of gestures and tones as a 2-year-old would
  4. One-year-old dogs are mature as 15-year-old humans: you already know that they age faster than humans —  a year of human life is equivalent to 7 years of a dog’s life. By the math alone, their maturity level should be pretty clear.
  5. Dogs can hear over 3 times more than humans (almost 4 times): human hearing range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz while the dog’s hearing range is from 55 Hz to 79 kHz.
  6. Dogs can also smell much better than humans can: humans only have 5 million olfactory receptors whereas dogs have 220 million.
  7. Apple seeds, raisins, and grapes are highly dangerous for your dog: they will raise toxicity in your dog’s blood and are very harmful.
  8. Your dog is either left or right paw dominant: just like humans! Would you have ever known that they are more like us than we think?
  9. The nose prints on dogs are as unique as human fingerprints: you can use their nose prints for identification just like fingerprints.
  10. Canines show dominance by putting their limbs over other animals: dogs are pack animals, naturally born to try and lead.

I’m sure many of you know a handful of these facts. Do you have any facts about dogs we may not know of? Feel free to share in the comments down below! We’d love to hear from you and learn more.