There are various products that are advertised to treat ticks and fleas infestations. These parasites have a way with not only leaching of your dog, but also laying eggs and quickly multiplying. To prevent or fight this, it is important to understand what measures to take. Most products work fine, it just happens that some products work better than others. There are also many different types of treatments that your dog can use. Become more aware of the different types of products and treatments.

How to Treat

The most common form of medication used to treat your dog is topical. In other words, ointments and liquid treatments that can be done through a physical application. There are also shampoos, powders, sprays, and comb-like tools available. There is also medication that your dogs can ingest to improve their health and get rid of the fleas/ticks. Before purchasing any products, read the labels and make sure you get the one that matches your dog’s size. Some products vary in dosage depending on whether your dog is big or small.

My best advice for treatments that actually work would be to wash your dog and to personally put the flea comb to use. Personally, I have found this to be the best solution not just for dogs, but also in other pets like cats and rabbits.

Best Tick Comb

In addition, all the products listed are the most popular/bought items from Amazon.

For further instructions take a look at this: Flea/Tick Control For Your Dog


There are specially made collars that repel parasites. The collars often contain insecticides that make fleas and ticks want to flee their host. They sometimes even have collars that absorb into the dog for faster results.

Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Small Dogs



One of the most used forms to get rid of the parasites is definitely the specialized shampoo. Depending on the shampoo, it can be heavily or lightly potent with treatment. So before buying, make sure to check how strong the shampoo is. Some shampoos are made for severe infestations only.

Sentry Flea & Tick Shampoo


There are liquid and oil forms of the spray that repels fleas/ticks. Easiest form to use and best for treating light infestations.

Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Pet & Home Spray

Spot Ons

Spot on is like ointments that you physically apply to the skin and bumps. They are more potent than the sprays. So it is best to use if the condition is worse than when you would use the spray. After using this product, within 24 hours, you will see a bigger difference.

Bayer Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment Dogs

Ingestible tablets/pills

Do not just buy any pill. Consult your veterinarian before purchasing. They will give you the best advice about what to buy and how many they should ingest for how long. Typically one pill will do and officially start working within 24 hours. There are also chewable tablets available! Know what type of ingestible medication will be best for your dog before purchase.

SENTRY Capguard (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Control Medication

Be Effective

Understand the severity of your dog’s conditions before proceeding. Know the signs and precautions to help your dog in the best way possible. Check out this article to know the signs beforehand. Also, know what the best way to treat your dog is. Taking careful measures will always benefit you and your dog. Do not use all of the products listed above. It’s best to stick to one form of treatment and to consult a professional before you switch treatment if necessary.

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